Monday, 16 May 2016

Gir Camp - some moments shared

Pic by Gauri G
Lioness and cub Pic by Gauri G.

Painted Sandgrouse Clicked by Gauri G.
Painted Stork Clicked by Thiruvengadam E.
Sambar deer clicked by Thiruvengadam E.
April is one of the good months for wildlife sighting. Oikoessence decided to conduct a nature camp to Gir National Park, Gujarat – The last refuge for Asiatic Lions. It is situated in semiarid zone of western part of India and has dry deciduous forest. Although majority of the tourists come here for Lion sighting only the forest bears spectacular range of other flora and fauna. Some of the sightings include birds such as Mountain scops owl, Spotted owlet, Crested serpent eagle, Collared dove, Spotted dove, Black ibis, Rufous tree pie, Peafowl, Plum headed parakeet, Small minivet, Pigmy woodpecker, Grey nightjar, Green bee-eater, Darter, Painted stork and Painted sandgrouse. Mammals - Wild boar, Spotted dear, Sambar deer, Asiatic lion, Neelgai, Stripped hyena. Also, few reptile such as – Skink, Calotes and Crocodile.
Crocodile Clicked by Gauri G.

Indian thick-knee clicked by Gauri G.

Darter clicked by Thiruvengadam E.

Spotted Owlet clicked by Gauri G.

Nightjar Clicked by Gauri G.
Pic by Gauri G.

Waiting to in Clicked by Gauri G.

At Devalia clicked by Gauri G.

Free time Clicked by Dr. Shreya B.

Free time Clicked by Dr. Shreya B.

Group having local breakfast outside Gir National Park Gate
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