Thursday, 4 January 2018

Chhattisgarh Photo Report

Chhattisgarh has a lot to offer for all nature & heritage lovers. We visited bastar, kangerghati National park, Sitanadi and Udanti Wildlife Sanctuaries, Barnawapara Tiger reserve. Historical places like Barsur and Sirpur.

Some of the biodiversity Sightings during this camp include
Social spider
Giant wood spider
Signature spider
Funnel spider
Indian roller
Eurasian Openbill
Painted staork
Night jar
Orange Minivet
Crested serpent eagle
White-eyed buzzard
Jungle owlet
Large green barbet
Black hooded Oriole
Indian flying fox
Giant Squirrel
Wild dog
Rhesus macaques

Barnawapara sightings include
Indian peafowl
Black winged kite
Golden back woodpecker
White bellied drongo
Green bee eater
White throated Kingfisher
Black ibis
Glossy ibis
Indian Cormorant
Pond heron
Cattle egret
White browed fantail
Oriented Magpie robin
Indian robin
Rose-ringed parakeet
Common Myna
Black drongo
Spotted deer
Hanuman langur
Rhesus macaques

Chitrkote Waterfall clicked by Gauri G
Tirathgarh clicked by Rupali G
Kutumsar caves Stalactite formation clicked by Gauri G

Column formation clicked by Gauri G

Interesting Shivling clicked by Gauri G
Laxman temple clicked by Gauri G 

Interesting carved pillar Clicked by Thiruvengam E

Ganeshas Clicked by Rupali G

clicked by Thiruvengadam E

Clicked by Rupali G

interesting carving of snake entering in a hole from one side of the pillar and coming out from other side. Clicked by Rupali G
Bazaar remnants of 6th century Clicked by Rupali G
Barnawapara Clicked by Rupali

Anthill Clicked by Rupali G
Crocodile clicked by Thiruvengadam E

Jungle Owlet Clicked by Rupali G
Greater coucal clicked by Thiruvengadam E

White-eyed buzzard Clicked by Rupali G
Black-winged kite Clicked by Rupali G
Crested Serpent eagle clicked by Thiruvengadam E

Giant Squirrel clicked by Thiruvengadam E

Hanuman Langur Clicked by Rupali G

Gaur Family Clicked by Rupali G
Clicked by Gauri G
OikoEssence Explorers clicked by Gauri G
Explorers Clicked by Rupali G
Group at Sirpur

A stroll in a local tribal market
Local tribal market Clicked by Rupali G

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