Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Interactive session at Oxford International School, Kandivali

Interactive session conducted by OikoEssence in Oxford International School, Kandivali.
It is always a pleasant experience to see them thinking and putting their together.

Sharing some moments of the same:

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Radhanagari, Dajipur, Mithbav and few other parts of Konkan

Konakan always welcome people with its simplicity and beauty. We got a chance to visit Dajipaur, Radhanagari wildlife sanctuaries in June, 2015. We are extremely thankful to the forest department and our campers for making our camp a success. Special thanks to Salim Ali Centre for Ornithology and Natural History (SACON) team for their guidance in Mithbav region.
We also visited Mithbav, Dhamapur Sanctuary, Kudal, Vengurla, Kunkeshwar for exploring more about Konkan.

Sharing some photographs
Erythrina indica (Pangara) clicked by Mr. Bhaskar Paratey

Water lily clicked by Mr. Bhaskar Paratey

Fox bush orchid clicked by Dr. Shreya Bhanap

Terminalia chebula (Harda) clicked by Dr. Shreya Bhanap

Smilax spp (Ghotvel) clicked by Dr. Shreya Bhanap

Scillia spp. clicked by Dr. Shreya Bhanap

Swallow clicked by Mr. Bhaskar Paratey

Brahminy Kite  clicked by Mr. Bhaskar Paratey

Purple moorhens  clicked by Mr. Bhaskar Paratey

Malabar pied hornbill  clicked by Mr. Bhaskar Paratey

Bronze winged jacana  clicked by Mr. Bhaskar Paratey 
Fiddler crab clicked by Dr. Shreya Bhanap

Grasshoppers clicked by Dr. Shreya Bhanap

Clouds  clicked by Mr. Bhaskar Paratey

Cute one  clicked by Mr. Bhaskar Paratey

Clicked by Dr, Shreya Bhanap

Young Researcher - Mr. Amit Patil from SACON sharing information 

Temple at Dhamapur Sanctuary Clicked by Gauri Gurav

Lake @ Dhamapur clicked by Gauri Gurav

Taking some rest after a walk @ Radhanagari Wildlife Sanctuary. 

'Ghodepag' @ Kudal Clicked by Gauri

group @ dhamapur clicked by Mr. E. Thiruvengadam

Busy farmers clicked by Rupali Gurav @ Dajipur

NIC, Dajipur clicked by Rupali Gurav

Chai time clicked by Rupali Guav

Temple with interesting roof clicked by Rupali Gurav

Group @ Dajipur clicked by Rupali Gurav

Clicked by Rupali Gurav
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Monday, 15 June 2015

Panna camp held in May, 2015

Dear Friends,

OikoEssence arranged a nature camp to one of the five tiger reserves of Madhya Pradesh - Panna. We are thankful to the entire staff of K Raj Resorts, Panna for maing our visit memorable.

Sharing our memories through photographs. Enjoy

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Panna Beauty. Clicked by Gauri Gurav
Paradise flycatcher Clicked by E. Thiruvengadam

Savanah Nightjar Clicked by Sameer Gurav
Sambar deer Clicked by E. Thiruvengadam
Jackal Clicked by E Thiruvengadam
Sambar Clicked by Sameer Gurav
Trying to id. Clicked by Sameer Gurav
Khajuraho temple clicked by Gauri Gurav