Sunday, 16 July 2017

Nature trail to Vikhroli Mangroves

It as a great day spent in Vikhroli Mangroves on Godrej Land. We are thankful to Soonabai Pirojsha Godrej Marine Ecology Centre , Godrej & Boyce for giving us the permission to conduct the trail & It was joint venture of Ghumr - A Travel Log & OikoEssence. Thank you everyone who participated. Here are some photographs clicked by participants during the trail.


Amaltas Clicked by Kirti V.

common crow clicked by Kirti V.
Katydid Clicked by Akshay T.

Crab clicked by Akshay T.

Night Heron Clicked by Kirti V.
Jackal clicked by Kirti V.
Group Clicked by Shripad B.

Group clicked by Shreya B.

Mangrove overview clicked by Mahesh J.

Discussions at the end Clicked by Gauri G.
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Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Nature trail and talk for ABVP, Dombivli

OikoEssence was invited by Akhil Bhartiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP), Dombivli to deliver a talk for college students on 8th July and nature trail 9th July 2017 to Bhopar Tekdi during a plantation drive organised by ABVP.

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Environment Education in Ashram Shala and Zilla Parishad School in Dabheri

We are thankful to Navadrushti, Thane (NGO), Dorf Ketal and Zilla Parishad School, Dabheri for giving us an opportunity to conduct Environment Education Activities for their students. 
Here is a glimpse of activity conducted on 'Adaptation in animals'.

Vasai Fort Trail in collaboration with Ghumr

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OikoEssence & Ghumr (Travel blog - must read for travel explorers) conducted nature & heritage trail to Vasai Fort on 2nd July, 2017. Here are some clicks from the same trail.

Vasai fort Pic by Kirti V.

Commelina spp. Pic by Kirti V.

Sailor Pic by Kirti V.
Tadgola palms Pic by Shreya B

Germinating Seed of Loranthus spp Pic by Shreya B.

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Ranthambore Camp Report

Pic by Gauri G.

Photo by Mr. Charuhas K.
Ranthambore National Park is one of the famous areas where nature lovers and photographers often go to witness some of nature marvelous creations such as Tigers, bears, birds etc.
We (OikoEssence camp participants) too visited this national park in the month of June, 2017. It was truly an amaizing experience.
One of the main trees of the national park is Dhonk (Anoigesus spp) and can be seen almost everywhere in forest .Other trees are palas, acacia spp and many more..
Sharing some photos along with bird & mammal list that we saw during safaris
1.       Grey francolin
Francolin Clicked by Kirti V.
2.       Painted spurfowl
3.       Indian peafowl
4.       Fulvous whistling duck
5.       Black rumped flameback
6.       Common Hoopoe
7.       Indian roller
8.       Common kingfisher
9.       Stork-billed kingfisher
10.   White throated kingfisher
11.   Pied Kingfisher
12.   Green bee-eater
13.   Pied cuckoo
14.   Common hawk cuckoo
Clicked by Mr. Charuhas K.
15.   Asian koel
16.   Greater coucal
17.   Rose ringed parakeet
18.   Plum headed parakeet
19.   Collared scops owl
20.   Spotted owlet
21.   Spotted dove
22.   Eurasian collared dove
Clicked by Kirti V.
23.   Yellow footed green pigeon
24.   White breasted waterhen
25.   Greater painted snipe
26.   Black winged stilt
27.   Great thick-knee
28.   Red wattled lapwing
29.   River tern
30.   Black winged kite
31.   Shikra
32.   Little grebe
33.   Darter
34.   Cormorant
35.   Cattle egret
36.   Median egret
Clicked by Mr. Charuhas K.
37.   Pond heron
38.   Grey heron
39.   Purple heron
40.   Black crowned night heron
41.   Black headed Ibis
42.   Asian openbill
43.   Painted stork
44.   Wooly necked stork
45.   Indian pitta
46.   Rufous treepie
Clicked by Mr. Charuhas K.
47.   Large-billed crow
48.   House crow
49.   Eurasian golden oriole
50.   Small minivet
51.   Black drongo
52.   Ashy drongo
53.   White bellied drongo
54.   Asian paradise-flycatcher
55.   Tickell’s blue flycatcher
56.   Oriental magpie robin
57.   Indian robin
Clicked by Kirti V.
58.   Asian pied starling
59.   Common myna
60.   Bank myna
61.   Great tit
Clicked by Mr. Charuhas K.
62.   Red vented bulbul
63.   Ashy prinia
64.   Jungle babbler
65.   Purple sunbird
66.   White-browed wagtail
67.   Crested bunting

Clicked by Kirti V.
Clicked by Kirti V.
Clicked by Mr. Charuhas K.
Clicked by Mr. Charuhas K.
Clicked by Kirti V.

Clicked by Kirti V.

Clicked by Mr. Charuhas K.
1.       Spotted deer
2.       Sambar deer
3.       Nilgai
4.       Hanuman langur
5.       Wild boar
6.       royal Bengal Tiger
7.       Indian Hare
Clicked by Kirti V.
8.       Three striped palm squirrel

Clicked by Mr. Charuhas K.

Clicked by Mr. Charuhas K.
Mongoose clicked by Shreya B

 More clicks
Peafowl clicked by Shreya B

Monitor Lizard by Shreya B

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