Friday, 28 April 2017

Kanakeshwar Camp report

OikoEssence conducted a nature camp to Kankashwar during 1st -2nd April, 2017. The forest surrounding the ancient temple is actually a sacred grove still surviving despite of “developmental” activities that are taking place in Alibaug. The forest has age old trees, we have seen giant climber of entada which has an appx diameter of 2.5 feet. This and many more trees are unique. It also supports a great variety of fauna and may be because the water is available in harsh summer as well despite of being at the top. Another noticeable thing was there are no small vendors seen on the way and even no stall. This keeps the forest undisturbed and neat. Hopefully it will remain the same in future as well.

Busy group clicked by Ms. Gauri G.
List of sightings:

Plants: Ukshi, karvanda, chamel, garambhi, kaushi, mango, kevda, ashik, harda, beheda, kumbhi, vad, peepal, mallotus, castor, nandruk, fishtail palm, gulvel, pangara, kunti, lokhandi, kuda, wild Jasmin, anjan, waghati, safed chafa, karvi, karanj, kharoti, falsa, toran, gela, moha, saag, shikekai, chich, gardenia gummifera-dikemali, surangi, charcoal tree

Kaushi (Calycopteris floribunda) clicked by Mr. Bharkar P.

Chamel (Bauhinia vahlii) clicked by Mr. Bharkar P.

Kumbhi Flowers clicked by Mr. Bharkar P.

Anjani flowers Clicked by Dr. Shreya B.

Gnetum buds Clicked by Dr. Shreya B.

Twisted stem of Garambi Clicked by Dr. Shreya B.

Gum of Gardenia Clicked by Dr. Shreya B.

Rare beauty - Surangi flowers Clicked by Dr. Shreya B.

Insects: Fire ants, weevil Common rose, sailor, emigrant, blue tiger

Reptiles: Forest calotes, skink, Garden lizard

Mammals: Hare, Bonnet macaque, Three stripped palm squirrel

Garden Lizard Clicked by Dr. Shreya B.
Ants' nest clicked by Mr. Bharkar P.

Falcon clicked by Mr. Bharkar P.

Large green barbet
Paradise flycatcher
Green bee eater
Peregrine falcon
Spotted dove
Crested Lark
Crested serpent eagle
White throated Kingfisher
Purple rumped sunbird
Indian golden oriole
Coppersmith Barbet clicked by Mr. Bharkar P.
Black hooded oriole
Black naped oriole
Common iora
Indian robin
Oriental magpie robin
Greenish warbler
Jungle crow
House crow
Lark clicked by Mr. Bharkar P.
House sparrow
Greater coucal
Red whiskered bulbul
Malabar lark
Cattle egret
Copper Smith barbet
Ultramarine flycatcher
Jerdon's leafbird
Asian brown flycatcher
Crested serpent eagle
Black kite
Paradise fltcatchersclicked by Mr. Bharkar P.
Oriole clicked by Mr. Bharkar P.

Smart Selfie Clicked by Mr. Raghu R.

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