Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Shivdi Mudflat - Wader watch by OikoEssence

Shivdi Bird Watching 12-03-17

Lesser flamingos clicked by Rupali G

OikoEssence group birding at shivdi jetty

Temminck's Stint
Marsh Sandpiper
Eurasian Curlew
Pond Heron
Grey Hornbill
Long Billed plover
Common Kingfisher
Black Headed Ibis
Western reef egret clicked by Gauri G.
Little Ringed Plover
Common Red Shank
Grey Heron
Brown Headed Gull
Red Whiskered Bulbul
Rose Ringed Parakeet
Painted Stork
Westerm Reef Egret
Intermediate egret
Lesser Flamingo
Marsh harrier
Sandpiper clicked by Rupali G
Black kite
House crow
Large billed crow
Jungle prinia
House sparrow
Blue rock pigeon
Some nature lovers trying to get closer to birds and disturbing them
 - clicked by Gauri G.

Clicked by Rupali G.

Details of future camp can be checked on this link

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Visit to few Ramsar sites in Punjab by OikoEseence – Report

OikoEssence conducted a nature camp to Punjab in the month of March, 2017. We covered two of the three Ramsar sites in Punjab – Harike & Kanjli; Keshopur wetland.   We sighted a good number of migratory birds. We also visited ‘must see’ locations when one is in Punjab – Golden temple, Jalianwalah baug & Atari Border (Wagah) where we saw ringed doves
We could hardly see butterflies there; maybe it is because of over use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers.
@ Atari Border clicked by Gauri G.

Eurasian collared dove clicked by Shreya B.

Plain tiger Clicked by Mr. Bhaskar P.

Cabbage? clicked by Shreya B.

Kanjli wetland clicked by Gauri G.

Caster flowering clicked by Shreya B.

Grasses at Kanjli wetland clicked by Shreya B.

Cormorant clicked by Rupali G.
Kanjili wetland – This wetland is facing lot of problems such as ever increasing agriculture, garbage dump etc. Water hyacinth is grown almost everywhere on the water body. A continuous stretch of agricultural fields runs along one side of this wetland. Few poplar, castor & nilgiri trees along with broom grass were seen.
List bird sightings –
1.       Little cormorant
2.       Blackwinged stilt
3.       Common moorhen
4.       Grey hornbill
5.       Rose ringed parakeets
clicked by Gauri G.

6.       Greater coucal
7.       Common myna
8.       House crow
9.       Jungle crow
10.   Grey wagtail
11.   White throated kingfisher
12.   Collared dove
13.   Cattle egret
14.   Red wattled lapwing
15.   Shikra
16.   Peacock (call)
17.   Spotted dove
Mammal – Fruit eating Bats

Agriculture next to Kanjli clicked by Gauri G.

Discussing with FD, Harike clicked by Rupali G.
Harike clicked by Gauri G. 

Pistia growig in Harike clicked by Gauri G.

Crabs eye creeper clicked by Gauri G.

Mogre ki sabji clicked by Rupali G.
Sarson clicked by Rupali G.

Harike wetland
This is well protected water body and attracts lots of migratory birds. One can see confluence of satluj & beas rivers which is near to this bird sanctuary. 
Mammals – Giant squirrel, three striped squirrel, Jackal, Mongoose
List of birds
Spotted owlet Clicked by Mr. Bhaskar P.

1.       Yellow footed green pigeon
2.       Rose ringed parakeet
3.       Common myna
4.       White throated kingfisher
5.       Little cormorant
6.       Common coot
7.       Northern shoveler
8.       Tufted duck
9.       Grey wagtail
10.   Common tailor bird
11.   Rufous tree pie
Bee-eater clicked by Shreya B.

12.   White browed wagtail
13.   Yellow wagtail
14.   Green bee-eater
15.   Grey hornbill
16.   Spotted owlet
17.   Eurasian wigeon
18.   Mallard
19.   Pygmy blue flycatcher
20.   Northern pintail
21.   Bar headed geese
22.   Black winged stilt
Northern shovelor Clicked by Mr. Bhaskar P.

23.   Jungle crow
24.   House crow
25.   House sparrow
26.   Asian pied starling
27.   Jungle babbler
28.   Common moorhen
29.   White breasted waterhen
30.   Red wattled lapwing
Pipit Clicked by Mr. Bhaskar P.

31.   Pied cuckoo (Call)
32.   Grey lag geese
33.   Paddyfield pipit
34.   Pond heron
35.   Darter
36.   Glossy Ibis
37.   Grey headed canary flycatcher
38.   Marsh harrier
39.   Common Hoopoe
40.   Brahminy myna
41.   Black rumped flameback
42.   Pied bushchat
43.   Yellow bellied prinia
Pintails Clicked by Mr. Bhaskar P.

44.   Purple sunbird
45.   Purple heron
46.   Blue rock pigeon
47.   Buzzard
48.   Small blue kingfisher
49.   Shrike
50.   Fulvous breasted Woodpecker
51.   Long legged buzzard
52.   River tern
Bushchat female Clicked by Mr. Bhaskar P.

53.   Brown headed gull
54.   Common teal
55.   Gadwall
56.   Warbler?
57.   Spotted dove

Tufted duck Clicked by Mr. Bhaskar P.

Yellow bellied prinia Clicked by Mr. Bhaskar P.

Woodpecker clicked by Rupali G.

Rose ringed parakeets clicked by Rupali G.

Another side of Harike WLS clicked by Gauri G.

Keshopur wetland clicked by Gauri G.

Keshopur wetland
It is the first-ever notified community reserve of India under the Wildlife Protection Act, 1972 (amended 2002).
Purple moorhen clicked by Shreya B.
1.       Rock sparrow
2.       Yellow bellied prinia
3.       Common moorhen
4.       Eurasian wigeon
5.       Black kite
6.       Brahminy Kite
7.       Brahminy duck
8.       Purple heron
White throated Kingfisher clicked by Gauri G.

9.       Cattle egret
10.   Grey lag geese
11.   Grey heron
12.   Northern pintail
13.   Purple moorhen
14.   Northern shoveler
15.   Common coot
16.   Common teal
17.   Bronze winged jacana
18.   Spot-billed duck
19.   White throated kingfisher
20.   Red wattled lapwing
Grey lagged geese Clicked by Mr. Bhaskar P.

21.   Citrine wagtail
22.   Rose ringed parakeet

23.   Ashy prinia

Bee-eater clicked by Rupali G.
Red wattled lapwing clicked by Rupali G.

Shovelors clicked by Rupali G.

Details of future camp can be checked on this link