Saturday, 2 June 2018

Absolute local - Konkan trip

Konkan trip was arranged in the month of May 2018. Konkan beaches are undoubtably beautiful. This is the season of mangoes, jackfruits, cashews and many more wild fruits. We relished all of them.
Sharing some of the photographs clicked during the camp -


Local Temple


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Ratamba - Kokum
Trying to reach them


We did some birding too...

Naman - a very local , traditional performance given by locals

 Group enjoying almost everything that came in-front of them

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Sikkim Report

Sikkim is one of Beautiful states of India. OikoEssence conducted a nature camp during April, 2018. We are glad to share the sightings of the same.

Includes lots of Rhodendrone spp. such as Rhododendrone arboreum, Rhododendron capanulatumcrolarias, bamboos etc. April is the time when rhododendrones bloom in plenty and it is an amazing experience to observe gloom in such a large quantity.

Western Centaur Oakblue
Common jester
Indian Oakblue
Purple sapphire
Common peacock
Red lacewing
Sikkim Hill Jezebel
Common Lascar
Large cabbage white

Other Insects
Black headed skimmer
March fly
Crematogaster ants
Honey Bee
Hower fly
Spittle bug

Satyr tragopan
Lathami khalij
Indian Peafowl
Spangled drongo
Asian barred owlet
Indian roller
Grey hornbill
Blue rock thrush
Greater golden back
Gold naped Finch
Green magie
Green tailed sunbird
Oriental white eye
Himalayan bulbul
White capped Red start
Rufuous gorgeted flycatcher
Russet sparrow
House sparrow
White tailed nuthatch
Striated laughing thrush
Crimson sunbird
Rufuous breasted bush robbin                                                                 
Black bulbul
Whiskered yuhina
Great tit
Fire breasted flower pecker
White browed fulvetta
Blue rock pigeon
Grey winged black bird
Blue fronted redstart
Scarlet minivet
Indian robbin
Little pied flycatcher
Verditer flycatcher
White collared black bird
Snow pigeon
Brown flanked bush warbler
Grey hooded warbler
Bar throated siva
Olive-backed pipit
Chestnut-crowned laughing thrush
Brown-throated treecreeper
Crested serpent eagle
Large hawk cuckoo
Barn Swallow
Eurasian tree sparrow
Blue winged minla
Red tailed minla
Grey Wagtail
Rufous breasted bush robin
Rufous sibia
Great Barbet
Grey breasted prinia
Speckled wood pigeon
Barred cuckoo dove
White bellied drongo
Black drongo

Hoary bellied Himalayan squirrel


More Bird Pics

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