Monday, 11 July 2016

Siddhagad Camp report July 2016

Oikoessence conducted a nature camp to Siddhagad which is a part of Bhimashankar Wildlife Sanctuary.
The monsoon was at its best when we visited here. We saw good number of species here. 
We are thankful to Mr. Avinash Harad of Ashwmedh Pratishthan for giving us thorough knowledge about the archeological and historical importance of the area. We also discussed few issues of the locals and biodiversity of the area. Overall it turned out to be a very informative camp and enjoyable too.  
Pic by Thiruvengadam E
But, the very alarming issue that this sanctuary is facing needs to be highlighted first. There is a memorial of our Great Freedom fighter - Veer Bhai Kotwal (Vitthal Laxman Kotwal). Lot of tourists visits this place with real bad motive and many of them (almost all) use this place as a boozing spot. They throw garbage including liquor bottles everywhere. The situation is beyond the control of locals and available staff of forest department. Government needs to take a firm action against this nuisance. Through thus blog Oikoessence appeals to readers that if they come across any document such as research papers done on this area then please let us know. So that we can hand it to the right people who are struggling a lot for to
save its biodiversity.  

Other few photographs clicked during the camp are posted below.

Pic by Gauri G

Pic by Shreya B

Pic by Shreya B

Pic by Shreya B

Sprouting seed of Ain Pic by Shreya B

Common Leopard butterfly Pic by Shreya B

Pic by Shreya B

Beetle Pic by Shreya B

Dillenia sp. Pic by Shreya B

Lunch place Pic by Shreya B

Pic by Thiruvengadam E

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