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Heritage, Nature and Food Camp to Morachi Chincholi - Photographs

OikoEssence conducted nature and Heritage camp to Morachi Chincholi on 9-20 August, 2017. We also visited Bhuleshwar Mukteshwar Temple, Yavat (A heritage site), Pot holes (A geographical feature) at Nighoj  and Vidyan Ashram Pabal. Sharing some pics clicked during the camp.

Bhuleshwar Temple Clicked by Gauri G

Clicked by Gauri G

Vinayaki at Bhuleshwar Clicked by Gauri G

Vidnyan Ashram Clicked by Gauri G

River flow & Potholes , Nighoj clicked by Thiruvengadam E.
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Phansad camp Photo report

OikoEssence Conducted a nature camp to Phansad wildlife Sanctuary on 12-13 July, 2017. Thank you Priti C and Alok C for your guidance.

Sharing some photographs clicked during camp
Tea Time clicked by Gauri G

clicked by Gauri G

Observations clicked by Gauri G

Grasshopper clicked by Gauri G

clicked by Gauri G

ndian Bull Frog clicked by Gauri G

Group clicked by Gauri G

Rustic clicked by Thiruvengadam E

Blue Oak Leaf clicked by Thiruvengadam E

Harvester Ants' nest clicked by Thiruvengadam E
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Gaganbawda Camp Report

OikoEssence conducted a nature camp to Gaganbawda – The Cherapunji of Maharashtra in the month of July, 2016. We are grateful to Mr. Suhas Waigankar Sir for his guidance throughout the camp.

Beauty of Konkan clicked by Rupali G.

Action clicked by Rupali G.

The deciduous look of the area is completely transformed into lush green vegetation soon after the monsoon starts. This is the best time to observe monsoon flora, insects, amphibians, reptiles as well as some monsoon migrants. Monsoon in Gaganbawda was in full swing when we visited there. We gor to see lot flora and fauna during this camp. 
Clicked by Rupali G
We also visited to Battis Shirale since, it was a Nagpanchmi festival. The forest department has significantly controlled snake show that used to take place earlier. However some snake charmers still bring their snakes hidden in bags / haandis.

Given below is a list of sightings observed during the camp

1.       Impatiens balsamina (Balsam)
2.       Impatiens acaulis (Rock balsam)
Cup-n-saucer clicked by Rupali G.
3.       Wild Mussenda
4.       Cassia fistula (Bahava)
5.       Terminalia chebula (Harda)
6.       Terminalia belerica (Beheda)
7.       Phyllanthus emblica (Amla)
8.       Gnidia glauca (Daatpadi)
9.       Entada rheedii
10.   Helicteres isora (Murud sheng)
11.   Clerodendrone serratum (Bharangi)
12.   Dillenia indica (Karmal)
13.   Macaranga peltata (Chanda)
14.   Clerodnedrone spp.
15.   Memecylon umbellatum (Anjan)
16.   Arrissima sahyadrensis
17.   Acacia spp
18.   Albizia lebbeck (Shirish)
19.   Terminalia arjuna (Arjun)
20.   Caryota urens (Fishtail palm)
21.   Pongamia pinnata (Pangara)
22.   Carrissa karandas (Karvanda)
23.   Carivia callosa (Karvi)
Ancient Entada clicked by Rupali G.
24.   Ficus asperima
25.   Eucalyptus globulus (Nilgiri)
26.   Lagerstroemia nana (Nana)
27.   Sterculia urens (Kandol)
28.   Lannea coromondelica (Moi)
29.   Garuga pinnata (Kakad)
30.   Tectona grandis (Sag)
31.   Firmiana colorata (Kaushi)
32.   Guetum ulva
33.   Crateva tapia (Vaivarna)
34.   Vaugeria spinosa (Alu)
35.   Costus speciosus (Pev)
36.   Wild yam
37.   Curcuma pseudomontana (Hill turmeric)
38.   Ensete superbum (Wild banana)
39.   Eupatorium perfoliatum (Ran modi)
Entada spp clicked by Rupali G.
40.   Asperragus racemosus (Shatavari)
41.   Clerodendrone spp (Samai)
42.   Morinda pubescence (Bartondi)
43.   Smithia sensitiva (Kavla)
44.   Woodfordia fruticosa (Dhayti)
45.   Bauhinia racemosa (Apta)
46.   Acacia nilotica (Babhul)
47.   Azadirachta indica (Kadulimb)
48.   Acacia auricuiformis (Australian acacia)
49.   Acacia mungium (Autralian teak)
50.   Ziziphus rugua (Bor)
51.   Katak
52.   cup & saucer
53.   Jasminum sambac (Wild jasmine)
54.   Utricularia spp
55.   Begonia spp
56.   Leea macrophylla (Dinda)
57.   Tamarindus indicus (Tamarind)
58.   Mangifera indica (Mango)
59.   Artocarpus heterophylus (Jackfruit)
60.   Careya arborea (Kumbhi)
61.   Ficus racemosa (Umber)
62.   Ficus benghalensis (Vad)
63.   Ficus religiosa (Peempal)
64.   Hmidesmus indicus (Anantmul)
65.   Seneciao spp (Sonki)
66.   Goriossa superba (Kal-lavi, glory lily)
67.   Eria spp.
68.   Curculigo orchioides (kali musali)
69.   Rhyncostylis retusa
70.   Hollarhena antidysentrica (Safed kuda)
71.   Writia tinctoria (Kala Kuda)
72.   Writia arborea (Tambda Kuda)
73.   Tabernaemontana spp
74.   Dioscorea spp
75.   Smilax zeylanica
Caterpillar Clicked by Bhaskar P

1.       Blue mormon
2.       Monkey puzzle
3.       Castor
4.       Danaid eggfly
5.       Chocolate pansy
6.       Common grass yellow
7.       Plane tiger
Blue bottle fly clicked by Rupali G
8.       Rustic
9.       Common crow
10.   Great Orange tip
11.   Emigrant
12.   Common pierrot
Other insects
1.       Praying mantis
2.       Robber fly
3.       Kattydid
4.       Blue bottle fly
5.       Blister beetle
6.       Tortoise beetle
7.       Ladybird beetle
1.       Indian bull frog
2.       Common Indian Toad
1.       Garden lizard
Bronze back Clicked by Bhaskar P
2.       Monitor lizard
3.       Forest calotes
4.       Bronze backed tree snake

Monitor lizard Clicked by Bhaskar P
1.       Ashy Prinia
Flower-pecker clicked by Vasant S
2.       White throated kingfisher
3.       Red vented bulbul
4.       Tailor bird
5.       Purple Sunbird
6.       Grey hornbill
7.       Common Iora
8.       Black kite
9.       Crested Tit
10.   Little brown dove
11.   Red wattled lapwing
Swallows clicked by Thiruvengdam E
12.   Malabar whistling thrush
13.   Quail
14.   Red whiskered bulbul
15.   Green bee-eater
16.   Wooly necked stork
17.   Pond Heron
18.   Cattle egret
19.   House sparrow
20.   Large billed crow
Brown dove clicked by Kirti V
21.   House crow
22.   Blue rock pigeon
23.   Large green barbet
24.   Rose ringed parakeet
25.   Oriental magpie robin
26.   Greater caucal
27.   Jungle babbler
28.   Wire tailed swallow
29.   Black headed munia
30.   Indian peafowl
31.   Common myna
32.   Eurasian collared dove
Red wattled lapwing clicked by Kirti V
33.   Spotted dove
34.   Black shouldered kite
35.   Black drongo
36.   Dusky crag martin
37.   White breasted waterhen
38.   Black lored tit
39.   White browed fantail
40.   White browed wagtail
41.   White bellied drongo
42.   Flowerpecker
43.   Painted stork (at Rankala lake)
44.   Common coot (at Rankala lake)
Black headed munia clicked by Kirti V
45.   Black headed ibis(at Rankala lake)
46.   Little grebe (at Rankala lake)
47.   Spot-billed duck (at Rankala lake)
48.   Common moorhen (at Rankala lake)
49.   Grey heron (at Rankala lake)
50.   Purple heron (at Rankala lake)
51.   Brahminy kite (at Rankala lake)
52.   Median egret (at Rankala lake)
53.   Indian cormorant (at Rankala lake)
54.   Spotted dove
55.   Blue eared kingfisher
White bellied Drongo clicked by Kirti V

56.   Rufous treepie
Black lored tit clicked by Kirti V

1.       flying fox
2.       Bonnet macaque
3.       Hanuman langur
1.       Leech
2.       Millipede

3.       Earthworms

More Photographs

Common Coot clicked by Kirti V

Purple moorhen clicked by Kirti V

Weaver Clicked by Bhaskar P

Gathering clicked by Kirti V

Cormorant Swim Clicked by Bhaskar P
Stay at Khokurle village
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Programme Schedule September to December, 2017

Programme schedule, 2017 for nature lovers
With Nature in Mind…
For details and registrations get in touch with us on
Email id:; Ph: 9969440476 / 9869611810
Please go through the Rules & Regulations, given at the end of this schedule, to be followed during OikoEssence Camps & Trails before registering.
Please note: Once you are registered, it will be considered that you agree to all our rules and regulations and follow it during our camps & trails.

Residential Nature Camps

September, 2017

8th – 13th September, 2017 – Boondi, Ramgadh Vishdhari Wildlife Sanctuary, Rajasthan (FULL)
Famous for its architecture, paintings and festivals, Bundi is a small city in the Hadoti region of Rajasthan. Ramgadh Vihdhari Sanctuary was established in 1982, it forms a buffer for Ranthambore National Park.
Camp charges: Rs. 18,850/- per head. 10% discount for a child below 12 yrs.
The cost includes food, stay and transport Mumbai to Mumbai. 
Registration before: 2nd May, 2017.
Journey Details: 3AC
8th September (Friday), 2017: Departure by 12953 August Kranti from BCT at 17.40hrs. Reach Kota at 05.10hrs on 9th September, 2017.                                       
12th September (Tuesday), 2017: Departure by 12952 Mumbai Rajdhani from Kota at 21.08hrs. Reach BCT at 08.15 hrs on 13th September, 2017.

October, 2017

1st – 5th October, 2017 – Chakrata (Full)
Chakrata is abundantly blessed with natural beauty. The hilly area flanked on either side by the Jamuna & Tons rivers from the tribal region of “Jaunsar Bawar”.
Camp charges: Rs. 22000/- per head. 10% discount for a child below 12 yrs.
The cost includes food, stay and transport Dehradun to Dehradun. 
Registration before: 1st August, 2017.

23rd – 26th October, 2017 – Ganeshgudi, Karnatak (2 seats left)
A scenic destination blessed with breath taking natural beauty, Ganeshgudi is located in Uttara Kannada district of Karnataka
Camp charges: Rs. 13,000/- per head. 10% discount for a child below 12 yrs.
The cost includes food, stay and transport from karwar to karwar.
Registration before: 16th September , 2017.
Participants are requested to reach Karwar stn by 7.00am on 23rd October & book return tickets after 7 pm on 26th October.

November, 2017
 5th – 11th November, 2017 – Manglajodi, Chilika, Gahirmatha and Bhitarkanika Wildlife Sanctuaries, Puri, Odisha (3 seats left)
The south-eastern state of Odisha is home to a variety of flora and fauna. The host of wildlife sanctuaries is evidence to it. The wildlife sanctuaries in Odisha are not only unique but also every nature lover's delight.
Camp charges: Rs. 33500/- per head. 10% discount for a child below 12 yrs.
The cost includes food, stay and transport Bhubaneswar to Bhubaneswar. 
Registration before: 7th October,  2017.

Participants are requested to reach Bhubaneswar stn by 7.00am on 5th November & book return tickets after 3 pm on 11th November.

29th November – 2nd December, 2017 – Kuno-Palpur, Ghatigaon and Karera Sanctuaries – Madhya Pradesh (3 seats left)
Kuno-Palpur has a vast richness and diversity of indigenous flora and fauna which represents a typical cross-section of the dry deciduous forest of the Central India. Ghatigaon sanctuary has a significant population of the great Indian bustard. The principal fauna of Karera includes the Great Indian Bustard., Padki, Baya, Tithari, Titar, Chital, Black Buck etc.
Camp charges: Rs. 15,850/- per head. 10% discount for a child below 12 yrs.
The cost includes food, stay and transport Jhansi to Gwalior. 
Registration before: 7th October, 2017
Participants are requested to reach Jhansi stn by 9.00am on 29th November & book return tickets after 8 pm on 2nd December from Gwalior.

December, 2017

23rd – 30th December, 2017 – Kangerghati, Bastar, Barnawpara and Sitanadi sanctuaries, Chhattisgargh (5 seats available)
Chhattisgarh is densely covered with forest. There are many national parks and sanctuaries located in this region shows good variety of biodiversity.
Camp charges: Rs. 26,000/- per head. 10% discount for a child below 12 yrs.
The cost includes food, stay and transport Raipur to Raipur. 
Registration before: 7th November, 2017
Participants are requested to reach Raipur stn by 6.00am on 23rd December & book return tickets after 9 am on 30th December.

One day Programmes

Participants should bear their own expenses for travel and food and entry tickets (wherever required). Oikoessence will not bear any expenses for participants, unless mentioned.
Carry cap, sunglasses, and rainwear according to the season.
Prior registration is compulsory.
Duration of the trail will vary depending upon the sightings. However tentative duration is mentioned in the schedule.
 Group size -  5-20 participants.
Registrations will be on first come first serve basis.

September, 2017
17th September, 2017 – Gadeshwar Dam.
Meeting point: Swaminarayn temple, Dadar east. Bus will start at 6.30am sharp.
Charges – Rs. 1400/- per head. The cost includes Food (breakfast, lunch and evening tea); Travel by private vehicle Mumbai-Mumbai
Register before 6th September

October, 2017
8th October, 2017 – Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastusangrahalaya (Museum) - subject to permission
Meeting point: Main gate of Museum, Fort; Time: 9.00am, Duration: 3 hrs
Charges – Rs. 150/- (charges include entry fee).

December, 2017

10th December, 2017 – Karnala Bird Sanctuary
Swaminarayn temple, Dadar east. Bus will start at 6.30am sharp.
Charges – Rs. 1400/- per head. The cost includes Food (breakfast, lunch and evening tea); Travel by private vehicle Mumbai-Mumbai
Register before 2nd December 
Rules & Regulations to be followed during OikoEssence Camps & Trails
1. Oikoessence Nature Camps and trails are educational camps and not luxury camps or picnics.
2. Basic necessities will be provided like simple and wholesome vegetarian food (tea/coffee, breakfast, lunch, and dinner), clean accommodation and toilets. During visits to remote forest areas participants will have to use open air toilets and rough it out.
3. During multiple accommodation facilities at the camp site participants must adjust to them and no separate accommodation will be provided. The group leader will decide the room allotments and the participants in the room, no alterations will be done.
4. Participants must follow strict discipline and no misbehavior will be tolerated any participant found doing so may be requested to leave the camp.
5. Detailed program of the following day will be briefed one day in advance.
6. Participants have to adhere to the given itinerary and no alterations by the participants will be entertained.
7. Participants should strictly follow the instructions of the group leader.
8. Smoking and consumption of alcoholic beverages is strictly prohibited.
9. Participants should take care of their belongings & valuable articles & will be solely responsible for them.
10. No portage will be provided.
11. Mineral water will not be provided unless mentioned.
12. OikoEssence will not be responsible for any mishap or catastrophe.
13. Wear comfortable walking shoes and never wear any high heels foot wear.
14. Please carry Water bottle, Cap, Torch, Mosquito repellents, Personal medicines and toiletries.
15. Do not wear any kind of perfume or deodorant while in the sanctuary.
16. Do not carry any music system or walkman, etc. in forest area.
17. Do not carry any inflammables and do not light fire in the forest area.
18. Do not tease any wild animal or destroy habitat of the Park or Sanctuary.
19. Carry clothes according to climate and season (do not wear red, white or any bright/fluorescent colours).
20. If a camp is canceled by OikoEssence for reasons such as lack of enough participation, unless any expense is incurred, a 100 % refund will be given. Participants who cancel their seats prior to cancellation of the camp will not get a complete refund. 50% of the total camp cost will be deducted for cancellation done 15 days prior to the commencement of camp. After that no refund will be given