Thursday, 1 December 2016

Achanakmar Tiger Reserve Report

OikoEssence had a nature camp in Achanakmar tiger reserve from 3rd Nov to 6th Nov. The forest is also close to Amarkantak which is the origin of River Narmada.

Pic by Mr. E. Thiruvengadam

Pic by Ms. Rupali G
Pic by Mr. E. Thiruvengadam

Achanakmar is located in Chhattisgarh State which is known as one of the greenest states in India. 44% of its area is covered with forest. When we went the tiger reserve was just opened for visitors after remaining closed during rains. The forest lots of tree species and Sal is one of the prominent species. Also, the trees like Saja – Terminalia tomentosa, Tinsa – Ougeina spp and few bamboos are very common. Being in safari we could see very few insects.
Mormon clicked by Mr. Bhaskar P

Some of the insect sightings are –
Short Horned Grasshopper
Butterflies like – Common Sailor, Lime, Common Crow, Common Mormon, Striped tiger, Common Gull, Common grass yellow, Peacock pansy, Lemon pansy, Tawny coaster, Evening brown,cabbage etc.

Striped Tiger Clicked by Rupali G.

A list of few other fauna along with some photographs is given below
Creasted Serpent Eagle Clicked by Mr. Bhaskar P.

            1.     Crested serpent eagle
            2.     Osprey

3.     Grey wagtail
4.     Racket tailed drongo
5.     Common myna
6.     White breasted kingfisher
Grey headed fish eagle clicked by Mr. Bhaskar P
7.     Alexandrian parakeet
8.     Rose ring parakeet
9.     Red vented bulbul
10.  Jungle babbler
11.  Common myna
12.  Greater coucal
13.  Black drongo
14.  Red jungle fowl
15.  Rufuos tree pie
16.  Grey-headed fish eagle
17.  Plum-headed parakeet
18.  Scaly breasted munia
19.  Green bee-eater
20.  Lesser whistling teal
21.  Lesser Flame-back 
22.  Grey hornbill
23.  Cattle Egret
24.  Intermediate egret
Copper-smith barbet clicked by Mr. Bhaskar P
25.  Spotted dove
26.  Yellow footed Green pigeon
27.  Copper-smith barbet
28.  Ibis
29.  Indian roller
30.  Great tit
31.  Button quail
32.  Dabchik
33.  Cotton pygmy teal
34.  Jungle owlet

Reptiles -
1.     Fresh water Crocodile
2.     Forest Calotes

Spotted deer clicked by Ms. Rupali G

Sambar  Clicked by Mr. Bhaskar P
1.     Indian Gaur
2.     Wild boar
3.     Sambar Deer
4.     Spotted Deer
5.     Leopard
6.     Rhesus macaque
7.     Palm squirrel
8.     Hanuman langur
9.     Malabar giant Squirrel
Gaur Clicked by Mr. Bhaskar P

Giant Squirrel  Clicked by Mr. Bhaskar P

Jackal  Clicked by Mr. Bhaskar P