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Nature camp to Khambhat, Nalsarovar, Lothal and Velavdar 26-31 Dec, 2015

Black bucks Clicked by Mr. Bhaskar P
The year 2015 ended with lots of fun for Oikoessence with learning and good list of sightings during Our Gulf of Khambhat and Velavdar - The Blackbuck National Park camp. We also visited Nal Sarovar bird sanctuary and Archiological site at Lothal - One of the excavation site for Harappan civilization in India. Khambhat is famous for Agates and one can get varieties of jewelry and showpieces as a souvenir from here.

Toddy palms clicked by Gauri G.
Garden lizard Clicked by Mr. Ekambaram T.

Terrapin clicked by Mr. Bhaskar P.
We were 13 people from Mumbai and Pune for this nature camp. The focus of the camp was on biodiversity. We saw trees like Acacia nilotica, Prosopis sp., Ficus sp., toddy palms and variety of grass species. We have listed down some of the bird sightings and sharing the same with you all. Happy reading...
Bid group clicld by Mr. Ekambaram T.
Pelicans clicked by Mr. Bhaskar P.
Saras crane (pair) clicked by Mr. Bhaskar P.
List of Birds
White throated kingfisher Clicked by Mr. Shripad B
White throated kingfisher
Painted stork clicked by Mr. Shripad B.
Lesser flamingo
Purple swamphen
Black winged stilt
Dalmation pelican
Yellow wagtail
Pied avocet
House sparrow
Eurasian collared dove
River tern
Knob billed duck
Painted stork
Eurasian Spoonbill
Ashy drongo
Black drongo
White bellied drongo
Rose ringed parakeets clicked by Mr. Ekambaram T.
Bank myna
Barn swallow
Wire tailed swallow
Rosy starling
White wagtail
Black ibis
Pond heron
Grey heron
Purple heron
Night heron
Indian roller
White breasted water-hen
Common sandpiper
Common myna
Grey francolin
Paited stork Clicked by Mr. Ekambaram T.
Large egret
Pied kingfisher
Common Kingfisher
Red wattled lapwing
Yellow wattled lapwing
Jungle babbler
Eurasian thick-knee
Yellow eyed babbler
Purple sunbird
Green bee-eater
Bronze winged jacana
Pheasant-tailed jacana
Collared dove
Greater coucal
Shikra Clicked by Mr. Bhaskar P
Indian cormorant
Great cormorant
Brahminy duck
Common coot
Common kestrel
Saras crane
Black-winged kite
Spot-billed duck
Indian peafowl
Alexandrine parakeet
Rose ringed parakeet
Knob billed duck
Bank mynas Clicked by Mr. Shripad B
Collared pratincole
Black kite
Common green shank
Open-billed stork
Greylag goose
Western reef egret
Marsh Harrier
Common hoopoe
Rufous tailed lark
Common chiffchaff
Black-tailed godwit
Ashy crowned sparrow lark
Long tailed shrike
White-eared bulbul
Crested lark
Heuglin's gull
Brown headed gull
Black headed gull
Red vented bulbul
House crow
Jungle crow
Pied kingfisher Clicked by Mr. Bhaskar P
Northern shoveler
Spotted dove
Common teal
Glossy ibis
Isabelline shrike
Bay backed shrike
Short toed snake eagle
Siberian stonechat
Pallied harrier
Steppe eagle
Long billed pipit
Montegue harrier
Common crane
Indian robin
House swift
Blue rock pigeon
Laughing dove
Purple heron Clicked by Mr. Bhaskar P

Pelican flight Clicked by Mr. Bhaskar P
Lesser flamingos clicked by Mr. Bhaskar B.

Blackbuck clicked by Ms. Rupali G.
Some Mammals sighted are:
Nilgai clicked by Ms. Rupali G.

Hanuman langur

Three striped squirrel



Indian fox

More pics:
Sunset Clicked by Mr. Shripad B
Velavadar landscape clicked by Ms. Rupali G.

Nalsarovar bird watch clicked by Ms. Gauri G.

clicked by Ms. Gauri G.

Group at Lothal clicked by Ms. Gauri G.
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