Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Oikoessence with Guardian School students

Oikoessence is dedicated to create awareness regarding nature conservation among all age groups of the society. 
We managed to take one more small step towards this aim in last week. We conducted a session of fun-filled activities based environment for students of The Guardian School, Dombivli.
The occasion was a science exhibition - 'Lakshyavedh' held in their school and the theme for the year was 'Prakrity'. Students and Parents worked hard for the same. We thought to take this opportunity and do our little bit to germinate a thought of environment conservation in the young minds.
We had photographic exhibition based on Indian biodiversity, small games and a pledge session.
It was wonderful to see the young generation taking part in such activities with great enthusiasm. At the end of the session teachers, students and parents took a pledge of what they will do to help in conservation at their own level. 
Mr. Akshay T
Dr. Vasant S
Mrs. Rashmi S
Mr. Vikas M
Mr. Shripad B
Miss. Rupali G
Mrs. Shital R
Mrs. Minal S
Mrs. Anjali G
Mrs. Sakshi S
Mr. Vinay M
Mr. Pritam
Photographs were donated by:
Mr. E. Thiruvengadam
Mr. Bhaskar P.
Mr. R. Naimi
Mr. Akshay T.
Miss Rupali G.
Mr. Shripad B.
We are thankful to the Guardian school for giving us this opportunity. We are also thankful to our families for their continuous support for our activities. A special thanks to all our volunteers who worked so hard for this and executed the event smoothly. All of this wouldn't have been possible without their support.

Thank you all once again.