Saturday, 25 February 2017

Navegaon Nagzira Camp by OikoEssence

clicked by Gauri G.

It was great to be in the forest of Navegaon Nagzira Tiger Reserve and to see some of the major characters of Epic story - The Jungle Book in reality. The forest has excellent species diversity.

Few of the sightings are listed below.

Dillenia indica
Mallotus philipensis
Flemingia spp
Eranthemum spp
Woodfordia fruticosa
Tectona grandis
Lannea coromondelica
Sterculia urens
Butea monosperma
Bombax ceiba
Schleicheria oleosa
Mytragyna parviflora
Helicterus isora
Terminalia belerica
Terminalia arjuna
Terminalia tomentosa
Termite hill clicked by Gauri G.

Ficus racemosa
Ficus religiosa
Shikra clicked by Gauri G.

Ficus benghalensis
Dolichandron falcata

Common pierrot
Grass jewels
Common mormon
Grey Pansy

Giantwood spider
Box spider

Crested Serpent Eagle clicked by Gauri G.

Crested Serpent Eagle
Orange-headed thrush
Indian pea-fowl
Green bee-eater
Spotted Dove
Collared dove
Indian Roller
White throated Kingfisher
Indian robin
Magpie robin
Rose ringed parakeet
Plum headed parakeet
Collared Scops Owl
Grey Wagtail
Jungle Babbler
Indian roller clicked by Gauri G.
Indian Thick knee
Paddy-field pipit
Jungle owlet
Common myna
Nut hatch
Lesser goldenback
Racket tailed drongo
Purple sunbird
Red vented bulbul
Red whiskered bulbul
White browed fantail
Greater coucal
House Sparrow
Rufous treepie
Ashy prinia
Wild boar clicked by Gauri G.
Purple swamphen
Bronze winged jacana
Ruddy Shelduck
Blackwinged stilt
Cattle Egret
Eurasian Openbill

Sambar deer
India gaur
Hanuman Langur
Spotted deer
Wild boars
Gliding squirrel clicked by Gauri G.
Wild Dogs
Gliding squirrel
Royal Bengal tiger
Indian Mongoose
Bengal Tiger (T7, navegaon bandh) clicked by Gauri G.
Sloth bear
Rhesus macaque

Hanuman Langur clicked by Mr. E. Thiruvengadam
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