Friday, 20 October 2017

Chakrata Report

Uttarakhand is blessed with natural beauty. OikoEssence conducted a camp to Chakrata, Uttarakhand from 1st to 5th October, 2017.
Pleasant weather welcomed us here along with red billed magpies, songs of whistling thrushes, Deodars, Pines, Spruces, Firs, Oaks, Rhododendrons, Bhojpatra (Betula utilis), Maple & Horse chestnut trees. We got to see a good number of plants and animals during this camp. 
Pic By Mr. Thiruvengadam E.

Group with local team
by Ms. Gauri G.
by Ms. Gauri G.

Cotoneaster by Ms. Gauri G.
Chakrata has broad-leaved forest that is dominated by Oak trees and needle leaved trees can be seen as well. Trees like deodar, thuja, fir etc are prominent in needle leaved plants. Small shrubs like Berberis spp., Rosa spp. cotoneaster; herbs like Urtia spp., ringal, bamboos, Geranium, wild spinach, Ephedra, wild strawberries were seen in abundant.

Geranium spp. by Mr. Akshay T.
Ipomea spp. by Shreya B

List of fauna sighted during camp is attached is as follows –
Fritillary by Mr. Akshay T.
a. Insects
i. Butterflies
Tortoise shell
Grass yellow
Common Mormon
Yellow orange tip
Common wall
Orange oak leaf
Oak blue
Chocolate pansy
Large hedge blue
Red Admiral
By Shreya B

Common Woodbrown

ii. Others
Short Horned grasshopper
Long horned grasshopper

by Mr. Akshay T.

Cicada by Mr. Akshay T.
Signature spider by Mr. Akshay T.
b. Arachnids
Jumping spider
Signature spider

c. Amphibians
Indian bull frog

Agama by. Mr. Akshay T
d. Reptiles

e. Birds

  1. Oriental white eye
    Pipit by Mr. Thiruvengadam E.
  2. Great barbet
  3. Common kestrel
  4. White browed wagtail
  5. Grey treepie
  6. Blue magpie
  7. Slaty headed parakeet
  8. Himalaya vulture
  9. Scarlet minivet
  10. Himalayan bulbul
  11. Brown thrush
  12. By Shreya B

  13. Blue rock thrush
  14. Spotted dove
  15. Eurasian collared dove
  16. Woodpecker
  17. Blue flycatcher
  18. House sparrow
  19. Jungle crow
  20. Long tailed shrike
  21. Shrike
  22. Crested serpent eagle
  23. Robin
  24. White capped red water start
    Woodpecker by Mr. Akshay T.
  25. Great tit
  26. Kingfisher
  27. Paradise flycatcher
  28. Black headed jay
  29. Cough
  30. Pipit
  31. Swallow
  32. Flowerpecker
  33. Khalij pheasant
  34. Grey hooded warbler
  35. Asian brown flycatcher
  36. Jungle owlet
  37. Yellow napped woodpecker
  38. Scally breasted woodpecker
  39. Brown fronted woodpecker
  40. Blue capped rock thrush
  41. Bay backed shrike
  42. Verditer flycatcher

Grey treepie by Dr. Mrs. Shreya B.
Himalayan bulbul by Mr. Akshay T

Some Moments Clicked by Mr. Thiruvemgadam E.



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