Thursday, 26 March 2020

Bhigwan camp Report

Bhigwan has always been a fruitful destination for nature lovers. OikoEssence conducted camp to Bhigwan on 12th -13th March, 2020. We were little disappointed this time as the number of  visitors that are not keenly interested in birding/nature is increasing with a great speed in this small place and disturbing the sustainable life of the village. No doubt local villagers are doing a great job by introducing the birds visiting to Ujjani dam water to nature lovers but they must think about keeping some rules and regulations with the help of forest department for sustainable tourism. We were in small group and managed to see following -

(Photographs courtesy- Shripad B. & Rupali G.)


Plain tiger caterpillar on Rui plant
  1. Cabbage
  2. Plain tiger
  3. Striped tiger
  4. Emigrant
  5. Common crow

  1. Common Coot
  2. Little cormorant
  3. Grey heron
  4. Purple heron
  5. Little egret
  6. Intermediate egret
  7. Black headed ibis
  8. Glossy ibis
  9. Black winged stilt
  10. Asian Openbill 
  11. Little ringed plover 
  12. Pond heron 
  13. Yellow wagtail
  14. Long tailed shrike
  15. Red wattled lapwing
  16. Indian Robin
  17. White throated kingfisher 
  18. Paddy field pipit
  19. Ashy crown sparrow lark
  20. Wood sandpiper
  21. Black drongo
  22. House sparrow
  23. Rudy shell duck 
  24. Laughing dove
  25. Pied bushchat
  26. Eurasian marsh harrier 
  27. Osprey
  28. Peregrine falcon
  29. River tern 
  30. Whiskered tern
  31. Brown headed gull (?)
  32. Northern pintail (?)
  33. Eurasian spoonbill
  34. Small pratincole
  35. Northern shoveller
  36. Purple sunbird
  37. Brahminy starling 
  38. Brahminy kite
  39. Green bee-eater
  40. Purple moorhen
  41. White breasted waterhen
  42. Citrine wagtail
  43. Black tailed godwit
  44. Greater flamingo
  45. House crow
  46. Indian nightjar
  47. Red vented bulbul
  48. Pallas's gull 
  49. Woolly necked stork
  50. Painted stork
  51. Western reef egret
  52. Black winged kite
  53. Black kite
  54. Asian Pied starling
  55. Garganey

C. Reptile
  1. West Indian leopard gecko
Tamarix Spp. flowers

Common Coot
Paddy field pipit

Painted storck


Peregrine falcon

Grey heron

Greater Flamingo

Grey Heron

Brown headed gull

Small Pratincole

Bar-headed geese

Purple moorhen 
Woolly necked stork

Black kite

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