Wednesday, 13 November 2019

Melghat Camp Report

Dear Nature lovers,

We recently had a great monsoon that almost crossed many records of the decades. Although, forest is beautiful throughout the year but, post monsoon season is always very charming in the forest. OikoEssence conducted nature camp to Melghat in the month of September, 2019 to observe this beauty of the forest. It had been really magical time that we got to spend here. We all came back with beautiful memories and got some good clicks during this camp and would be sharing some of them here. Melghat is one of the largest forested area in Maharashtra and is a home of many wild species such as tigers, gaur, leopard etc.

Pic by Rupali G

Pic by Rupali G

It may not be the good season for wildlife sightings but, we managed to see good amount of diversity. Sharing the list of fauna sighted during this visit.

Pic by Rupali G
1.       Large green barbet
2.       Copper smith barbet
3.       Rufous treepie
4.       Tailor bird
5.       Rose-ring Parakeet
6.       Tit
7.       Indian roller
8.       Jungle babbler
9.       Black Drongo
10.   Ashy drongo
11.   White throated Kingfisher
12.   Racket tail drongo
13.   Little brown dove
14.   Spotted dove
15.   Eurasian collared dove
16.   Shikra
Pic by Rupali G
17.   Black winged kite
18.   Painted stork
19.   Woolly necked stork
20.   House Crow
21.   Large billed crow
22.   House Sparrow
23.   Plain Prinia
24.   Ashy prinia
25.   Grey hornbill
26.   Cuckoo shrike
27.   Koel
28.   Barn owl
29.   Black hooded Oriole
30.   Golden fronted leaf bird
31.   Greater Flameback
32.   White browed wagtail
33.   White bellied drongo
34.   Red vented bulbul
35.   Red whiskered bulbul
36.   Purple sunbird
37.   Yellow footed green pigeon

1.       Gaur
2.       Jackals
3.       Sloth bear
4.       Hanuman langoor
5.       Rhesus macaque
6.       Sambar
7.       Bats
1.       Water strider
2.       Millipede
3.       Lime
4.       Great eggfly
5.       Red silk Cotton bug
6.       Glow worm
Giant wood spider

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